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Previewing the Output from a Source File

Once you specify or change settings in your Stationery design project, you should generate your output to review and verify your changes. You can also generate output for an individual source document. As you develop your Stationery, you will often modify a few settings, generate your output and review the results, and then continue the process until you have the final results you want.

To quickly review your changes, you can also display a preview of a source document. A preview allows you to quickly see the affects of the changes you made, without requiring you to generate output for the project. The preview provides a close approximation of how your generated output will look, but your generated output may not exactly match the preview.

At intervals while you develop your Stationery, you may want to create a backup copy of your Stationery design project to serve as a snapshot. This backup gives you a version to return to and use if you make some changes that you no longer want. For more information, see “Saving a Snapshot (Backup Copy) of Your Project” on page 156.

To display a preview of a source document

  1. Open your Stationery design project.

  2. In Document Manager, select the source document for which you want to generate a preview.

  3. On the Project menu, click Display Preview.

ePublisher displays a preview of the source document on a preview tab labeled with the name of the source document you selected. The preview provides you with an idea of how modifications you made to project settings affect the appearance of your output. However, some output features are not displayed or active within the preview, such as popup windows, links, and conditions.

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