Table of Contents



Defining TOCs and Mini-TOCs

ePublisher does not use the table of contents (TOC) in your source document when it generates the online table of contents. This process allows ePublisher to correctly apply conditions and variables to the TOC, and to format the TOC as needed for the output format. ePublisher bases the TOC on paragraphs from your source document. Depending on the output format you select, you can specify whether to generate the TOC and what file name to assign to the TOC. For more information, see “Generating and Naming the Table of Contents File” on page 116. You can also modify the appearance of the table of contents for some output formats. For more information, see “Customizing the Navigation Pane in WebWorks Help” on page 194 and “Modifying the Appearance of the Table of Contents in Dynamic HTML” on page 213.

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