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Displaying Company Logo and Information on a Page

Most HTML-based output formats support adding company information, such as company name, email address, and company logo, as part of a page. Once you specify your company information in the Target Settings for your project, you can select different locations in which to place the content on each page. If you specify a value for Company webpage, ePublisher links the specified company name to the specified Web page. If you specify Company email address, ePublisher creates a mailto: link to the specified address.

If you add a logo image to your project, ePublisher displays the logo next to your company contact information on the top or the bottom of your output pages. To include a logo, you must first store the image file in the Files folder of your project.

To specify your company information and the location on the page

  1. On the Project menu, select the Active Target you want to specify settings for.

  2. On the Target menu, click Target Settings.

  3. Specify the appropriate values for the Company Information settings, such as Company name and Company phone number. If you do not see these fields in the list of target settings, the output format for the active target does not support this feature. For more information about a setting, click Help.

  4. Click OK to save the target settings.

  5. On the View menu, click Style Designer.

  6. On the Project menu, click a target in the Active Target menu option that is an output format that supports this option.

  7. In Page Styles, select the page style you want to modify.

  8. On the Options tab, specify the appropriate values for the Company info... options. For more information about an option, click Help.

Company information is not displayed in the Preview pane.

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