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Delivering WebWorks Help

When you generate output for your project, ePublisher creates the Output folder in your project folder, and then creates a folder in the Output folder for each generated target. Then, ePublisher creates a folder named for the project itself in the target folder. For example, when you generate output, ePublisher creates the following folder structure:

component Projects\projectname\Output\targetname\projectname

In this folder structure, component is the name of the ePublisher component you are using, such as ePublisher Express, projectname is the name of your ePublisher project, and targetname is the name of your ePublisher target, such as WebWorks Help. To deliver your WebWorks Help generated output, you need to deliver all the files and subfolders in the targetname\projectname folder.

The targetname\projectname folder contains the entry-point file, index.html by default, which establishes the help set appearance. When the user opens the entry-point file, the browser uses all the files in the targetname\projectname folder to display the help, including all the topic files, generated .css files, .pdf files, images, and WebWorks Help components.

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