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Running ePublisher AutoMap from the Command Line

You can run ePublisher AutoMap from the command line using the ePublisher AutoMap WebWorks.Automap.exe command-line application. This application is installed at the root of your ePublisher AutoMap installation location. The default location for this file is:

Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher AutoMap\WebWorks.AutoMap.exe


To run ePublisher AutoMap from the command line

  1. Open a Windows command prompt by completing the following steps:

  2. On the Start menu, click Run.

  3. Type cmd, and then click OK.

  4. Enter the following command to change to the default ePublisher AutoMap folder:

CD \Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher AutoMap

  1. Enter the WebWorks.AutoMap.exe command with the appropriate options.

If you run the WebWorks.AutoMap.exe. command without any options, ePublisher AutoMap displays a typical usage syntax statement.

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