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Excluding Tables from Accessibility Report Checks in Word

Tables used specifically for layout may not need a table summary. For example, if you use a table for layout, you probably would not assign a table summary to the table. However, you may have configured Accessibility reports to check for tables without table summaries and notify you when a table does not have a table summary.

In this scenario, while you want an Accessibility report to notify you when you have a table without a table summary, you do not want to be notified when you deliberately did not assign a table summary to a table because a table summary is not required. To address this issue, you can use the TableSummaryNotReq marker to exclude a table that deliberately does not have a table summary from validation when you generate Accessibility reports. For more information about Accessibility reports and configuring and generating Accessibility reports, see “Understanding Accessibility Reports” on page 311, “Configuring Reports” on page 314, and “Generating Reports” on page 315.

To exclude tables from Accessibility report checks, your Stationery must have the TableSummaryNotReq marker type configured. Your output format must also support this feature. For more information about output formats that support this feature, see “Features Available in Each Output Format” on page 8.

The following procedure provides an example of how to exclude tables without table summaries from Accessibility report checks in Microsoft Word source documents using Microsoft Word 2003. Steps for excluding tables without table summaries from Accessibility report checks in Microsoft Word may be different in other versions of Microsoft Word.

To exclude a table with a table summary from Accessibility report checks in a in Microsoft Word source document

  1. In your Microsoft Word source document, locate the table without a table summary that you want to exclude from an Accessibility report check.

  2. Insert your cursor in front of the table.

  3. On the WebWorks menu, click Markers.

  4. In the Markers field, select TableSummaryNotReq from the list of markers.

  5. In the Value field, do not enter any text. You do not need to enter any text in this field when you insert a TableSummaryNotReq marker.

  6. Click OK. ePublisher inserts the TableSummaryNotReq marker into the table.

  7. Save your Microsoft Word source document.

  8. Generate output for your project. For more information, see “Generating Output” on page 300.

  9. Generate the Accessibility report and confirm that ePublisher did not generate an Table is missing a table summary message for the table. For more information about generating Accessibility reports and Accessibility report messages, see “Generating Reports” on page 315 and “Accessibility Report Messages” on page 316.

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