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Creating Top-Level Groups

By default, ePublisher creates a top-level group based on the name of the project when you add your first source document to your project. There must always be at least one top-level group in Document Manager in order to add source documents to a project. You can create additional top-level groups if you want to further organize your source documents or create merged help systems, or multivolume help. For more information about creating merged help systems, see “Merging Help Systems (Multivolume Help)” on page 318.

To create a top-level group

  1. On the Project menu, click New Group. ePublisher creates and displays a new top-level group in Document Manager.

  2. Type a name for the new group.

  3. Drag the new top-level group to its appropriate position above, below, or between an existing top-level group in Document Manager.

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