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WebWorks ePublisher Platform Components

With ePublisher, you can write your content in your preferred authoring tools, and use the ePublisher components to design and deliver your content. The ePublisher components allow you to design all the content output formats you need, and then automate the publication process and integrate it with your company-wide processes, such as product builds and Web site updates.

ePublisher includes the following components:

ePublisher Pro

The design tool for creating and designing Stationery. Stationery defines the appearance and functionality of all the output formats you need. ePublisher provides several default formats that you can use as a basis for your Stationery, and then you can customize that standard and save it as your Stationery for your deliverables produced using the other ePublisher components.

ePublisher Express

The on-demand publishing tool that transforms your content based on your Stationery and converts your source documents into the desired output formats. This component is installed on the desktop and integrates with your existing authoring tools to support the features you require, such as related topics and expand/collapse sections within your deliverable. With this component, you can quickly prepare your source documents and generate your final deliverables.

ePublisher AutoMap

The automation tool that enables you to automate the content conversion process, batch processing, and integration with content management or version control systems. This component lets you schedule conversion projects to occur at times when you are not using your computer. For example, you can schedule the conversion to occur overnight. Then, when you arrive the next morning, your transformed content is ready for you. You can also automatically generate and deploy deliverables to meet your specific needs, such as updating Web site content based on updated source documents.

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