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Licensing Considerations

Before you can generate output using ePublisher, you must have valid license keys for each WebWorks ePublisher Platform component. ePublisher is licensed based on component and input format. Based on the input formats you want to use to generate output, you may have up to three license keys for each ePublisher component. For example, if you want to generate output using ePublisher Express and your source documents are in both Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word, ensure you have an ePublisher Express license key for both the Adobe FrameMaker and Microsoft Word input formats. If you want to use ePublisher Pro to design Stationery for the Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and DITA-XML input formats, ensure you have an ePublisher Pro license key for all three input formats. For more information about each component, see “WebWorks ePublisher Platform Components” on page 2.

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