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Understanding Stationery Synchronization

ePublisher projects use Stationery designed in ePublisher Pro to define the appearance and behavior of generated output. Stationery is a complete set of processing rules and styles that define all aspects of the output. Writers use the Stationery created by the Stationery designer when they create projects and generate output.

Once the Stationery designer changes or updates the Stationery, ePublisher prompts writers when they open projects associated with that Stationery to synchronize their projects with the updated Stationery. ePublisher Express prompts you to synchronize your project with its Stationery under the following conditions:

When writers synchronize their projects with the updated Stationery, all settings in the project are updated to match the Stationery. For more information, see “Synchronizing Projects with Stationery” on page 293.

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