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Defining the Appearance of Numbered Lists

When you define the appearance of numbered list items, you need to define margins that leave the correct alignment for the numbers and the hanging indent. Since numbered items have a hanging indent, ePublisher uses a table in the generated output to create the appropriate format. Increase the Left margin property in ePublisher to correctly align the the hanging indented text. Then, set the Flow Indent text property for the paragraph to a negative value to leave enough space for double-digit numbered steps. For example, if your standard paragraph Left margin property is 30 pixels, you may want to set the Left margin property for your numbered list items to 70 pixels and set the Flow Indent text property to -30 pixels for your numbered list items.

You may also need to work with the left margins of both bulleted and numbered list items to get them to line up with each other. This alignment can reduce the number of vertical columns on a page, which can help the user scan the information. This alignment can also allow you to use the same paragraph formats for paragraphs within either a bulleted or numbered list.

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