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Setting the Width and Height of a Table

You can define a fixed width and height for a table style. Make sure all the content of your tables will fit within the fixed height and width you specify. You can also use the table cell widths defined in your source documents.

To set the height and width of a table

  1. Open your Stationery design project.

  2. On the View menu, click Style Designer.

  3. In Table Styles, select the table style you want to modify.

  4. If you want to define a fixed width and height for the table style, complete the following steps:

  5. On the Properties tab, click HTML.

  6. Specify the appropriate values for the Width and Height properties. For more information about a property, click Help.

  7. If you want to use the cell widths defined in your source documents, on the Options tab, set Use document cell widths to Enabled.

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