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Modifying Images for Expand/Collapse Sections

You can replace the default images ePublisher uses to indicate the state of an expanded or collapsed hotspot.

To modify expand/collapse images

  1. In Windows Explorer, open your project folder. For more information about override files and locations, see “Understanding Stationery, Projects, and Overrides” on page 327.

  2. If you want to override the images for an 'output format, create the Formats\formattype\Pages\Images folder in your project folder, where formattype is the name of the output format to override, such as Dynamic HTML.

  3. If you want to override the images for a 'target, create the Targets\targetname\Pages\Images folder in your project folder, where targetname is the name of the target you want to override.

  4. Paste the .gif files you want to use with names identical to those you want to replace in the Images folder you created. The following table lists the default images and their file names and sizes.



Image Name

Image Size



Width: 8 pixels (0.111 inch)

Height: 6 pixels (0.083 inch)



Width: 6 pixels (0.083 inch)

Height: 8 pixels (0.111 inch)

  1. Regenerate your project to review the changes.

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