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Creating Table Header Rows in FrameMaker

Most tables in Adobe FrameMaker source documents include header rows, because by default Adobe FrameMaker allows you to quickly and easily specify the number of header rows in a table when you create a table. However, if your tables do not have header rows, consider adding table header rows to tables in your Adobe FrameMaker source documents. Using table header rows allows you to more tightly control the appearance of tables when you generate output. For example, if you use header rows, you can specify one appearance for header rows in your generated output, and a difference appearance for body rows in your generated output.

The following procedure provides an example of how to create table header rows in Adobe FrameMaker source documents using unstructured Adobe FrameMaker 7.2. Steps for creating table header rows in Adobe FrameMaker may be different in other versions of Adobe FrameMaker.

To create a table header row in an Adobe FrameMaker source document

  1. In your Adobe FrameMaker source document, locate the table for which you want to create a table header row.

  2. Insert your cursor in the top row of the table.

  3. On the Table menu, click Add Rows or Columns.

  4. Click Add 1 Row.

  5. Select To Heading from the list.

  6. Click Add. Adobe FrameMaker inserts a header row into the table.

  7. Type the text for the header row into the table.

  8. Delete any existing rows in the text that contain the text you typed into the new table header row as needed.

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