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Entering License Keys

ePublisher no longer requires that license keys be manually entered. Instead you need only enter your Contract ID, which is an identifier uniquely assigned to your or your whole team and that remains the same even for future upgrades and re-installations (note: if your identifier is ever compromised, it may be necessary to reissue your Contract ID, but this is something that your WebWorks representative can easily remedy).

You must enter your Contract ID, email address, machine name information before you can use ePublisher components. The number of enabled authoring adapters available is based on the number of ePublisher input formats for which you are licensed. You may have multiple enabled adapters based on the input formats and ePublisher components you purchased.

To enter your Contract ID

  1. On the Help menu, click License Keys.

  2. Enter your Contract ID in the Contract field.

  3. Enter your email address in the Email field (most likely this will be the same as what you use for your WebWorks Support login).

  4. Enter your computer name in the Computer field.

  5. Click Confirm to complete the changes and close the License window.

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