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Bulleted and Numbered Lists in Word

ePublisher uses a table-like structure with two columns to display any paragraph style with a hanging indent, such as bulleted and numbered list items, in generated output. ePublisher uses the numbers, characters, and fonts from the source documents for the bullets or numbers. Since some fonts are not available on all computers, you should use character styles in ePublisher to override the formatting of the bullets or numbers. You can also use an image in ePublisher for bullets.

Bulleted and numbered list items can have inconsistent formatting from one computer to another. The formatting is defined by the Bullets and Numbering style gallery. To correctly populate the style gallery, the source document must have an example of each type of bulleted and numbered item. Leave the correct example of each item in the document until that style type is used. If a correctly formatted item does not exist in the document, copy the correct style from the template and paste it in the document to create the first item with that style.

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