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Supported Image Formats

ePublisher supports several image formats and rasterizes all other formats:

.jpg files

Provides a good format for photographs and images with many gradual variations in color. Although this format is compressed, the large number of colors can increase the size of the file when compared to the other supported image formats. The lossy data compression also reduces detail each time you save an image in this format. This format is not recommended for screen shots.

.gif files

Provides a good format for screen shots, since the number of colors can be reduced and the need for gradual variations in color is minimal. This format supports transparency and animation. However, this format supports a reduced color palette of 256 RGB colors (8-bit).

.png files

Provides a good multipurpose format for online presentation. This format supports up to 16 million RGB colors (24-bit) and uses lossless data compression.

.svg files

Provides a powerful format that is not supported in all output formats. Some browsers do not support .svg image files. If you use .svg image files, you need to configure the .svg options to specify whether to rasterize these images.

You can use passthrough conditions and coding to include any type of file within your final output, such as Flash .swf files. For example, you can create a paragraph style in your source documents that is not included in the print version of your documentation. You can apply a condition to this paragraph that has the passthrough setting selected in ePublisher. Then, this paragraph can provide the exact coding to include in your output. Be sure to include any referenced files in your Files folder of your project so ePublisher copies those files to your output location.

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