Riddled with half-truths. There is a MUCH simpler way to do this, which is to get the developers to (somehow) abstract the help calls. All the developer needs to do is include a marker in every context-sensitive help page. A separate, external mapping file MAINTAINED BY THE WRITER does the mappings. The reason that's so important is, the writer doesn't have to wait for a build of the application to be able to unit test their help changes.

The writer:

1) Discovers or gets the developer to tell you about new UI pages that require on-line help. 2) (Hopefully) finds for themselves the unique ID (e.g., viewing page source). 3) Writes the help page, embedding the unique ID as a TopicAlias marker in the appropriate heading. 4) Edits the external help mapping file. 5) Deploys the updated help mapping file to the application. (Might not work in all circumstances but it does work if your help is on a Web server or hardware device.) 6) Tests the help call.

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