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Deleting Cross-Reference Formats from Projects

ePublisher obtains the cross-reference formats and values in the Cross-Reference Rules window from your source documents. You can delete cross-reference formats in ePublisher. Delete cross-reference formats when you no longer want to use the cross-reference format in your source documents.

If you delete the cross-reference format in your ePublisher project, but your source documents continue to use the cross-reference format, ePublisher will detect the deleted cross-reference format in your source documents and add it to your project again the next time you scan your source documents or generate output.

To delete a cross-reference format from a project

  1. On the Project menu, select the target next to Active Target for which you want to delete a cross-reference format.

  2. On the Target menu, click Cross Reference Rules. You must have target modification permissions to delete a cross-reference format for a target. For more information, see “Customizing Target Settings” on page 325.

  3. In the Document type field, select the content authoring tool associated with the cross-reference format you want to delete.

  4. In the Name column, select the cross-reference format you want to delete.

  5. Click the Delete Cross Reference icon.

  6. Click OK.

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