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License Information Window

This window allows you to register/unregister (activate/deactivate), view, and update your Contract's licensing information.

In this window, the term license keys is used to describe temporary activation codes that enable ePublisher functionality. These codes are not visible to end users or even WebWorks staff, however they can be managed at any time by the user, so long as a valid internet connection is available at the time they are refreshed/updated (note: an internet connection is not required during general use of ePublisher; only when the license keys need to be refreshed because they are about to expire.

The fields are defined as follows:


Specifies the expiration date for the currently downloaded license key(s). Note: license keys (which are not visible) will automatically renew themselves for each downloaded adapter before they expire based on your current Contract.


Specifies the name of the adapter that is licensed to work with your installation of ePublisher.

Update Message;

Displays the following information:

  1. The date the current license keys will expire.
  2. The next date when updated license keys will be retrieved so that ePublisher use will not be interupted (note: if your internet connection is unavailable on that date, ePublisher will keep making future attempts to retrieve license keys).
  3. Contract expiration date (only for renewable Contracts).
  4. Sometimes an additional messages may appear to indicate important release or patch related information.





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