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Stationery Synchronization Window

This window allows you to synchronize an ePublisher Express project with Stationery. Stationery specifies the settings ePublisher uses to generate output. Stationery designers create Stationery by creating a Stationery design project in ePublisher Pro and then saving the processing rules, styles, and other information specified in the Stationery design project as Stationery. ePublisher Express and ePublisher AutoMap can then use the Stationery to generate output.

When the Stationery designer updates the Stationery an ePublisher Express project uses, ePublisher detects the change the next time you open a project that uses the Stationery, notifies you that the Stationery used by the project has been modified, and prompts you to synchronize your project with the updated Stationery. ePublisher Express prompts you to synchronize your project with its Stationery file under the following conditions:

The columns are defined as follows:


Specifies the Stationery with which you want to synchronize your ePublisher Express project. By default, ePublisher displays the Stationery file currently used by your project. If you want to saccharines your ePublisher Express project with a different Stationery file, click Browse and browse to and select the Stationery file with which you want to synchronize your project.

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