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Reduce Support Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction

When you consider the many steps content goes through to get from the content developer to its final destination, publishing content can be a tedious, costly process. When an organization does not commit its attention and resources to product information, the negative results impact many aspects of the business.

Customers want to find their solution by reading as little as possible. Consistent content helps customers skim the content and find the information they need. The time content developers spend formatting content for various output formats reduces the time they have to review and improve the content. Customers can become frustrated when they spend time sorting through inconsistent and potentially inaccurate or incomplete information.

Frustrated customers quickly give up and contact customer support, often with a negative impression of the company. Increased customer support calls, especially for basic concepts and product usage, can waste valuable company resources.

ePublisher provides a workflow designed to make the publishing process as non-intrusive as possible. By allowing you to choose your preferred authoring environment and having role-focused software components, training time and production costs are reduced. The published content is consistent and delivers more value to your customers.

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