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Automatically Update Content on Web Sites and Wikis

Corporate Web sites have evolved into far more than just flashy advertising with contact information for your business. In addition to attention grabbing marketing about products and features, many company Web sites feature tutorials, product demos, specific product requirements and details, and Web 2.0 resources such as Wikis and community forums where customers can share information.

With ePublisher, you can consistently update the content on your Web site to maintain the latest information and make sure it is available to your customers. You can schedule and automate content processing and deployment to deliver up to date information each and every day.

ePublisher also allows you to easily maintain corporate intranets and publish source documents from multiple organizations across your company. You can define a standard Stationery and templates for teams to use. You can then define an ePublisher job and schedule it to search a drop-box folder on a regular basis and publish the content from the source documents in that folder using your standard Stationery. This scenario ensures your team members have the latest information they need and reduces the expenses associated with publishing and maintaining this content on your intranet.

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