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Licensing Considerations

Before you can generate output using ePublisher, you must have a valid Contract ID. ePublisher uses your Contract ID to automatically handle the licensing of all ePublisher components and features. You Contract ID is valid for your ePublisher use. Your contact ID may also be valid for other users, as long as the other users were included in the contract associated with the contract ID at the time ePublisher was purchased or the other users have been added to the same contract.

Currently ePublisher is licensed based on component and input format. ePublisher components include ePublisher Express, ePublisher Pro, and ePublisher AutoMap. ePublisher input formats include Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and DITA-XML. Based on the input format of the files you use to author content, you may have access to one or more input formats. For more information about each ePublisher component, see “WebWorks ePublisher Platform Components” on page 2. For more information about Contract IDs, see “Working with Contract IDs” on page 27.

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