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Components and Supported Configurations

Stationery designers must install ePublisher Pro and ePublisher Express on their computers. Stationery designers use ePublisher Pro to design Stationery and ePublisher Express to test Stationery.

Writers install ePublisher Express on their computers. Writers use ePublisher Express to generate output using Stationery created by a Stationery designer.

If you want to use AutoMap to automate output generation and integrate your output generation with content management or version control systems, install ePublisher AutoMap and ePublisher Express on the computer where you want to use ePublisher AutoMap. ePublisher AutoMap requires ePublisher Express. You can install ePublisher AutoMap on its own separate computer, or you can install ePublisher AutoMap on a Stationery designer or writer computer where ePublisher Express is already installed.

The following figure shows a sample ePublisher configuration.


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