There should be a discussion of page styles and text insets. In fact, anywhere you discuss page breaks or anything having to do with pages, you need to mention text insets.

In my case, I have three books in the same group in a help project (there is only one group, FWIW). Two of the three books use the same text inset. I need this text inset to be in the help output only once. However, WebWorks (correctly) uses markers in headings in text insets exactly the same way as it uses markers in any other type of heading.

What I want is to have this text inset display at the end of the TOC so I added the Frame file as part of the help project. As a result, I have three instances of the same topic in the help output. (Two from text insets, one from the file itself.)

Working around that is tricky because for some reason WebWorks is not doing the right thing with the PageStyle tag in the next inset. I used PageStyle = AdminGuideTitle and set that for no output; however, WebWorks is rendering output for the text inset anyway.

Because this is a common practice, I suggest you mention it in examples and provide a reasonable workaround. In my case because I'm close to the final help check-in, I'm probably going to make new books for the help project, which is a PITA but I think it's the only way I can get around the issue. I will also open a case with WebWorks.

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