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Assigning a Page Style to Popup Windows

If you have popup windows in your content, the appearance of the popup windows matches the rest of your topic pages, including breadcrumbs and company information. If you want to assign a different page style to your popup windows, you need to create a new page style and assign it to your popup paragraph styles.

Note: If you are using marker styles to create popup windows, you cannot use page styles to control the appearance of your popup windows. This process applies only to popup windows created with paragraph styles.

To assign a page style to popup windows

  1. Open your Stationery design project.

  2. On the View menu, click Style Designer.

  3. On the Project menu, click a target in the Active Target menu option that is an output format that supports this option.

  4. Create a new page style for popup windows by completing the following steps:

  5. In Page Styles, click the New Style button. ePublisher adds a new page style called Untitled.

  6. Enter the name for the new page style, such as Popup Windows.

  7. On the Properties tab and the Options tab, select the options you want to assign to this page style.

  8. In Paragraph Styles, select your popup paragraph style.

  9. On the Options tab, set Popup page style to the page style you created for popup windows, such as Popup Windows.

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