These instructions are wrong.

These don't exist in my styles.xml:

<xsl:variable name="VarResult">

<xsl:value-of select="wwexsldoc:Document($VarResult,$VarPath,'utf-8','text')" />

Correction: I'm not sure why my search didn't find the second line but the problem with the instrux is this line is ALREADY IN my styles.xml:

<xsl:variable name="VarResult" select="msxsl:node- set($VarResultAsXML)" />

Final comment: There is a step missing. Before you can set "emit-external-css" to Disabled, you must close and reopen the project.


I added the limitation in the procedure because enabling this option does not result in CSS files being produced. As a workaround, generate the help in another output format to create CSS.

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