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Deploying Output to Output Destinations

After you create output destinations, specify output destinations for targets and generate output, you can use the Deploy command in ePublisher to copy your output files and place them into the locations you specified as output destinations. When you deploy output, ePublisher copies the target output files and places the output files in the location you specified as the output destination. For more information about creating output destinations and specifying output destinations for targets, see “Creating Output Destinations” on page 310 and “Specifying Output Destinations for Targets” on page 312.

If you are deploying Wiki'-'MediaWiki or Wiki'-'MoinMoin output, review Wiki output format requirements and ensure the output destination you specify has been configured appropriately in order to support deployment of Wiki - MediaWiki or Wiki - MoinMoin output format. For more information about Wiki output format requirements, see “Wiki - MediaWiki” on page 19 and “Wiki - MoinMoin” on page 19.

To deploy output to an output destination

  1. On the Project menu, select the target next to Active Target for which you want to deploy output.

  2. On the Target menu, click Deploy. ePublisher deploys the output files to the specified output location.

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