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Working with Jobs

This section describes how to create and manage ePublisher AutoMap jobs. A job is a set of tasks that ePublisher AutoMap can perform based on a Stationery or a project. You can immediately run a job, or you can schedule a job to run at a later time. By default, job files are stored in the following folder:

My Documents\WebWorks ePublisher AutoMap\Jobs

You can change the default location in the ePublisher AutoMap preferences. Job files have a .waj file extension. Job files depend on other files located in the job folder and should not be moved or copied independently.

ePublisher AutoMap displays a unique icon to help you identify project-based jobs and Stationery-based jobs. Each job name is preceded by the corresponding icon.


After you schedule a job in the ePublisher AutoMap user interface, you can close the ePublisher AutoMapuser interface, and the job will still run based on the schedule you specified.

When ePublisher AutoMap runs a job either from a schedule or from a command prompt, Windows opens a command prompt that displays the log as it is generated. When the job finishes, the command prompt closes. After the job runs, you can view the log file using one of the following methods:

Note: The ePublisher AutoMap user interface displays the last time that the Windows Scheduler ran the stationery project. It does not display the time the CLI ran.

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