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Bulleted and Numbered Lists in FrameMaker

ePublisher uses a table-like structure with two columns to display any paragraph format with a hanging indent, such as bulleted and numbered list items, in generated output. ePublisher uses the numbers, characters, formats, and fonts from the source documents for the bullets or numbers. Since some fonts are not available on all computers, you should use character formats in ePublisher to override the formatting of the bullets or numbers. You can also use an image in ePublisher for bullets.

For bulleted lists, you may need multiple bullet levels, such as Bullet, Bullet2, and Bullet3. You may also need a format for a bullet within a procedure, such as a ProcedureBullet, and a bullet within a table, such as a CellBullet. Make sure you consider all supporting formats you may need, such as a ListIntro format for the paragraph that introduces the bulleted list, which should be set to stay with the list (Keep with Next).

For numbered lists, you may need multiple levels, such as a ProcedureStep that uses numbers and a ProcedureSubstep that uses lowercase letters. To restart numbering, you can use a ProcedureStep1 and a ProcedureSubstep1 format. If you have a common paragraph format that precedes each list, you can use that paragraph format to restart numbering, which would eliminate the need for a ProcedureStep1 format. You may also need a numbered list item in tables, such as CellStep and CellStep1. Make sure you consider all supporting formats you may need, such as a ProcedureIntro format.

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