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Understanding Scanning and Scanning Options

When ePublisher scans your source documents, it reads the style and formatting information, variables, conditions, and marker types in your source documents and then imports this information into your ePublisher project. Once ePublisher imports this information into your project, you can generate output. You can also modify target settings if you have permissions to modify target settings. For more information, see “Generating and Regenerating Output” on page 311 and “Customizing Target Settings” on page 339.

The scanning process can be time-consuming. You can reduce the amount of time it takes ePublisher to scan your documents by scanning only the source documents you select. Scan your source documents when you have made any of the following changes to your source documents:

ePublisher provides the following options for scanning source documents in Document Manager:

Scan Selected

Scans only the selected source document in Document Manager.

Scan All Documents

Scans all of the source documents that you added to your project and that are displayed in Document Manager.

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