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Understanding File Mappings

In ePublisher, a file mapping is an association between a file extension and an ePublisher adapter. An ePublisher adapter is an ePublisher component that links the content authoring tool that you used to develop your content with ePublisher. ePublisher currently provides adapters for the following content authoring tools:

In ePublisher, you can add any source documents that can be opened with Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, DITA-XML to your ePublisher project through the use of file mappings. By default, ePublisher provides a list of file extensions that are preset to use either Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, or the built-in XML adapter. For example, you can add .txt files to your ePublisher project by specifying the adapter ePublisher should use in order to open the .txt file. You can specify whether you want the Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, or XML adapter to open the .txt files you add to your project.

Certain file extensions, such as .book, .fm, and .bk files, are unique to a specific adapter. For example,.book, .fm, and .bk file can only be opened by Adobe FrameMaker. .rtf, .xml, and .doc are specific to Microsoft Word. If you try to generate output or an output preview using a file type associated with an ePublisher adapter and the file type cannot normally be opened with the content authoring tool associated with the ePublisher adapter, ePublisher displays an error message. The built-in XML adapter ePublisher provides is configured out-of-the-box to support DITA-XML. You can also configure ePublisher Stationery to support other XML types. However, XML input formats other than DITA-XML may not be supported by the WebWorks Technical Support team.

If you have an ePublisher Contract ID that enables only the Microsoft Word, the Adobe FrameMaker, or the built-in XML adapter, then you can use only that adapter when you use ePublisher. Although the option to choose another adapter may be available in the ePublisher user interface, you will not be able to generate output or preview output using the other adapters. You can only use the adapters enabled by your Contract ID.

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