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Viewing Licensing and Contract ID Information

You can view licensing information in the License Information window in ePublisher. ePublisher uses adapter license keys, or activation codes, to enable ePublisher functionality. Adapter licensing information is specified in your Contract ID. ePublisher uses an Internet connection to connect to the ePublisher licensing server and periodically retrieve and update adapter activation codes as needed based on your Contract ID.

Note: If you need to install ePublisher in an environment without Internet connectivity, WebWorks can provide Contract IDs that support this environment. For more information, see “Managing Licensing in Environments without Internet Connectivity”.

ePublisher licenses, or activation codes, do not display in the ePublisher user interface, but you can view the adapters for which you are licensed and your Contract ID number in the ePublisher user interface.

To view ePublisher licensing and Contract ID information

  1. On the Help menu, click License Keys. ePublisher displays the input formats for which the component is licensed in the License Information window.

  2. If you want to view your Contract ID number, click Info.