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Designing Wiki Output

With ePublisher, you can quickly and easily populate a Wiki with content from Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and DITA-XML source documents. A Wiki is a website that uses Wiki software, such as Confluence, MediaWiki, or MoinMoin, to create a web-based collaborative authoring environment. One of the best-known Wikis is the collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia. Wikis allow users with appropriate permissions to quickly and easily create and edit any number of interlinked Web pages using a simplified markup language or a text editor within a standard Web browser. The Web-based nature of Wikis eliminates the barrier of requiring users to install special software before they can view, create, or edit content.

Wikis are used in many corporations to host corporate and departmental Intranets, project communication web pages, and technical documentation web pages. For example, software development teams who use Agile development processes often use Wikis to quickly create, share, and update project and product information as they work towards the release of a new product or update an existing product.