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Why Use a Wiki to Deliver Content?

In today’s fast-paced information-based world, content is expensive to develop and maintain, and information about products, services, and processes changes rapidly. More and more, some companies are looking for ways not only to produce traditional content deliverables such as online help systems and PDF files, but also to produce content in a format that can be quickly and easily maintained in real time after it is released. Some companies also want the ability for different groups, such as customers, technical support, and technical sales, that use different content authoring tools, to contribute to efforts that maintain, enhance, and extend product documentation using a simple, universal content authoring tool.

For example, content published in an online help system or in a PDF file may describe how to perform a process at the time a software product releases. However, a few weeks or months later, a user in technical support, a technical sales representative, or a customer may discover an error in the information or identify new information that should accompany the procedure.

In a traditional online help or PDF content delivery model, the change to the procedure would likely not be incorporated into the published documentation set until the next scheduled product release. However, if the content has been published on a Wiki, a user with appropriate permissions can access the page on the Wiki that contains the content using a standard Web browser, quickly edit the page to include other new information about the procedure, and then publish the updated information to users immediately.

ePublisher is the only tool available today that allows content authors to create content with their preferred content authoring tools and deliver the same content in online help systems and PDFs directly to a Wiki. With ePublisher, content that resides in many different content authoring tools and with many different content authors can quickly be generated and deployed to one or more Wikis and shared with users. Users can then use Wiki functionality to comment on the content and edit, enhance, and extend the content.

For example, documentation teams that author in DITA-XML, training teams that author in Adobe FrameMaker, and technical support and product management teams that author in Microsoft Word can all use ePublisher to take their existing source documents and generate and deploy content to a Wiki.

Wiki technology provides the following benefits to content authors:

Wiki technology provides the following benefits to users:

Deploying your content to a Wiki may be appropriate for you under the following conditions: