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Creating Landing Pages

When you generate and deploy Wiki content, the highest entry point ePublisher provides is the table of contents that ePublisher automatically generates for the content when you define a TOC for your Wiki target. In order to make your Wiki content easily accessible to your users, consider creating one or more higher-level landing pages, or entry points, for the content you plan to deploy to a Wiki.

A landing page is simply a page you create on your Wiki that provides an overview of the content deployed to the Wiki. The landing page can include links to other special deployed Wiki pages that you want to highlight, such as the table of contents page generated by ePublisher, the first page of each major section of your deployed Wiki content, or any other content you want to highlight.

Following is an example of a landing page created on the WebWorks documentation Wiki at This landing page introduces users to the WebWorks documentation Wiki and provides some entry-level links designed to help users easily access the deployed Wiki content.


You can create landing pages either before or after you generate and deploy Wiki output. However, designing your landing pages before you generate and deploy Wiki output is often useful, as it helps you think through all of the different entry points you may need to create for your Wiki output before you deploy it.

In MediaWiki and MoinMoin, you can create the page you want to use as your landing page simply by creating a new page on the Wiki and including the information and links to the Wiki content you plan to deploy as appropriate. With MediaWiki, you also have the option to use an existing namespace or create a new namespace to host your deployed Wiki output. For more information about creating pages in MediaWiki and MoinMoin, see the documentation for the Wiki server.

In Confluence, first create a space and a home page for your Wiki content, and then create the page you want to use as your landing page. For more information about creating spaces, home pages, and pages in Confluence, see the documentation for Confluence.