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Understanding Stationery

The Stationery designer creates Stationery with ePublisher Pro using a Stationery design project. Stationery specifies the settings ePublisher uses to generate output. Stationery designers create Stationery by creating a Stationery design project in ePublisher Pro and then saving the processing rules, styles, and other information specified in the Stationery design project as Stationery. ePublisher Express and ePublisher AutoMap can then use the Stationery to generate output.

When the Stationery designer creates a project in ePublisher Pro and then saves a project using the Save As Stationery option, ePublisher Pro creates a Stationery file. A Stationery file is a file with the .wxsp file extension that contains formatting, project settings, project overrides, and style information. Source documents and document-specific information, such as Document Manager groups, are not saved in Stationery. After the Stationery designer creates the Stationery, writers use the Stationery provided by the Stationery designer when they create an ePublisher Express project. Writers use their ePublisher Express project and Stationery to generate output.

When the styles or features used in the generated output need to change, the Stationery designer uses the ePublisher Pro Stationery design project to update the styles and features specified in the Stationery, and then the Stationery designer saves the changes, creates updated Stationery, and deploys the Stationery. Once the new Stationery is available, writers synchronize their ePublisher Express project with the updated Stationery file and use the updated Stationery the next time they generate output.

When you synchronize your project with Stationery, the synchronization process overwrites any target setting customizations you configured for the project.

For more information about synchronizing Stationery, see “Synchronizing Projects with Stationery” on page 293. For more information about designing, creating, and deploying Stationery, see the ePublisher Design Guide.

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