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Streamline and Automate the Content Publishing Process

In a traditional content authoring environment, a content author produces content designed for a single output format. This environment typically has the following limitations:

Using ePublisher, you can quickly publish content from your source documents. You can develop the content using your preferred content authoring environment, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, or DITA. You do not have to spend time and resources learning how to format content for each and every output format in which your content will be delivered. You can focus on the content, and then use your Stationery to quickly and easily deliver information in the multiple formats that meet the requirements for your organization.

ePublisher reduces wasted time and expenses that occur when multiple groups in your organization unknowingly produce the same information at the same time. This publishing environment allows your organization to produce content one time. This content can then be shared in varying input formats across your organization.

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