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Adding Output Formats to Your Stationery Design Project

You can include one or more output formats in your Stationery. To simplify your Stationery, define only the output formats you need. Writers can then use these output formats defined in the Stationery to create one or more targets in their projects.

Each output format creates a target in your Stationery design project. You can also define multiple targets with the same output format. For example, you can define multiple targets, one for each standard OEM partner you may have. Each of these targets may generate the same output format with settings, such as company name and address, customized for each partner.

The Stationery Designer properties and options are shared across all targets and output formats. Some settings, such as the target settings, variable values, conditions, and cross-reference formats, are defined per target. Some targets and output formats also offer additional features and customizations.

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