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Updating a Project to Include All Styles

ePublisher transforms your source documents into content that you can deliver to virtually any online format or platform. To make sure your content is properly displayed and easy to use for your audience, you may want to modify the appearance of the online content, as well as add features your audience wants and needs. However, you do not want to modify the original source documents multiple times to produce the different types of output you need, such as print, online help, and Web site content.

ePublisher enables you to maintain your source documents as you need to for print delivery. You can then use Style Designer to define how you want your content transformed for your other output formats. ePublisher helps you create the appearance you want and the functionality you need for your online output.

Your project defines how to transform your content based on the paragraph, character, table, graphic, page, and marker styles in your source documents. If you add new elements to your source documents, you need to scan your documents to include these new elements, such as new paragraph styles, in your project.

To scan all your source documents

  1. Open your Stationery design project.

  2. On the Project menu, click Scan All Documents.

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