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Mark of the Web

When a user reads a locally installed help system displayed through a browser, the browser can apply local machine zone security to the help system content pages. This security can interfere with some features, such as those implemented using JavaScript, and display security windows. For example, the user may see JavaScript security windows when opening pages in the WebWorks Help or Dynamic HTML output format installed on the local computer.

The Mark of the Web (MOTW) is a technique to avoid these security windows. However, while the Mark of the Web suppresses security windows, it also disables links to baggage files on the local file system. For more information about the Mark of the Web, see

To enable the Mark of the Web

  1. In Windows Explorer, open your project folder. For more information about override files and locations, see “Understanding Stationery, Projects, and Overrides” on page 327.

  2. If you want to override the processing for an 'output format, create the Formats\formattype\Pages folder in your project folder, where formattype is the name of the output format you want to override, such as Dynamic HTML.

  3. If you want to override the processing for a 'target, create the Targets\targetname\Pages folder in your project folder, where targetname is the name of the target you want to override.

  4. Copy the Page.asp file from the following folder to the override folder you created within your project folder:

Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Formats\formattype\Pages

  1. Open the Page.asp file you copied to your project override folder in a text editor.

  2. Find the following line of code:

<!--MOTW-DISABLED saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->

  1. Delete MOTW-DISABLED from this line of code.

  2. Save and close the Page.asp file.

  3. If you want to override the processing for WebWorks Help, complete the following steps:

  4. Search each HTML file in the WebWorks Help support files for MOTW-DISABLED.

  5. Override each of these files in your project with a copy of the file with MOTW-DISABLED removed from the file.

  6. Regenerate your project and verify the results.

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