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TOC Processing Example

The previous sections describe a TOC processing example to illustrate how ePublisher processes files. For more information about this example, see “Processing Files by Type” on page 324 and “Identifying Files to Process” on page 325. The following example shows the corresponding format.wwfmt file for this TOC processing example:


<Pipeline name="TOC">

   <Depends pipeline="Locale" />

   <Stage type="xsl" action="doc_toc.xsl">

      <Parameter name="ParameterDependsType" value="Source" />

      <Parameter name="ParameterType" value="Doc_TOC" />


   <Stage type="xsl" action="group_toc.xsl">

      <Parameter name="ParameterDependsType" value="Doc_TOC" />

      <Parameter name="ParameterType" value="Group_TOC" />




This representation defines the XSL transforms and file types to process.

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