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Numbered Lists in Word

For numbered lists, you may need multiple levels, such as a ProcedureStep that uses numbers and a ProcedureSubstep that uses lowercase letters. You may also need a numbered list item in tables, such as CellStep. Make sure you consider all supporting formats you may need, such as a ProcedureIntro format.

Microsoft Word can have issues with the built-in autonumbering when restarting the numbering in lists. To avoid these issues, you can use sequence field codes to completely control numbering in your source documents. You can define a paragraph style with a hanging indent for each numbered step item. Define a character style and apply it to the sequence field code to control how the numbered list appears both in print and in your generated output. Autotext can help you automate list creation. You can also create a macro to quickly number a set of paragraphs. To restart a field code, add the \r1 option.

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