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Modifying the Appearance of Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs form a linked path to show users the location of the current topic in your online content. If you enabled breadcrumbs for your output, you have several options to define the appearance of the breadcrumbs. For more information, see “Modifying the Location and Separators of Breadcrumbs” on page 152.

To modify the appearance of the breadcrumb trail

  1. In Windows Explorer, open your project folder. For more information about override files and locations, see “Understanding Stationery, Projects, and Overrides” on page 327.

  2. If you want to override the CSS settings for an 'output format, create the Formats\formattype\Pages\css folder in your project folder, where formattype is the name of the output format you want to override, such as Microsoft HTML Help 1.x.

  3. If you want to override the CSS settings for a 'target, create the Targets\targetname\Pages\css folder in your project folder, where targetname is the name of the target you want to override.

  4. Copy the webworks.css file from the following folder to the override folder you created within your project folder:

Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Formats\formattype\Pages\css

  1. Open the webworks.css file you copied to your project override folder.

  2. Find the code for div.WebWorks_Breadcrumbs and modify the values specified within the braces:

  3. To modify the text color, specify the desired RGB color value for the color option.

  4. To modify the font, specify the name of the font you want for the font-family option.

  5. To modify the size of the font, specify the size you want for the font-size option.

  6. Save the webworks.css file.

  7. Regenerate your project to review the changes.

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