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Obtaining and Applying the Latest Adobe FrameMaker Template

An efficient, effective, and consistent ePublisher online content generation process relies upon the use of templates. Templates define marker types and paragraph, character, and table formats. Templates may also contain standard conditions, variables, and cross-reference definitions that you can use when creating and working with source documents used to generate online content. Templates help control the look and feel of source documents and generated output across multiple writers, multiple projects, and multiple types of generated output.

The ePublisher content generation process assumes that you use marker types and paragraph, character and table formats defined in an Adobe FrameMaker template prepared by a Stationery designer as you create content and format your source documents. Using Adobe FrameMaker templates and the marker types and paragraph, character, and table formats and other layout formats and characteristics defined in templates ensures that you format content in your source documents consistently and also ensures ePublisher can use your source documents effectively to generate output.

If your source documents do not use templates or do not use the same marker types, formats, and standards defined in your Stationery by the Stationery designer, your generated output may not conforms to the styles and standards defined by the Stationery designer for output. You may also not be able to implement some online features if you do not use the correct templates or the correct marker types and formats defined in the templates.

As a part of preparing your Adobe FrameMaker source documents for output generation, ensure your source documents use the correct Adobe FrameMaker templates from the Stationery designer and you have applied all paragraph, character, and table formats specified in the template correctly. For more information about creating Adobe FrameMaker templates, see “Preparing Adobe FrameMaker Source Documents” on page 79.

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