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Creating a Stationery Design Project

Stationery design projects are not based on Stationery. You create a Stationery design project in ePublisher Pro and use it to create and maintain Stationery. To create Stationery, you need to save a project as Stationery. To modify or update Stationery, you need to update the Stationery design project and then save it as Stationery.

The ePublisher workflow improves productivity and saves time for writers who need to manage online content. You create Stationery that defines a set of reusable settings to apply to any project. Without any additional work, writers can load these settings into their projects, and update them automatically when a change to the Stationery is made.

Note: To create a new Stationery design project from an existing Stationery design project, you can manually copy the existing Stationery design project .wep file and associated files and folders.

To create a Stationery design project

  1. Open ePublisher Pro.

  2. On the File menu, click New Project.

  3. In the Project name field, type the name for your Stationery project.

  4. In the Format field, select the default output format you want to include in your Stationery, and then click Next. You can add other output formats at a later time.

  5. Click Add and select your standard sample source files to add them to the Source Documents list box. These files provide all the standards for each input format.

  6. When all your sample source files are listed in the Source Documents list box, click Finish.

  7. On the Project menu, click Scan All Documents to add all elements defined in your sample source documents to the project. This process ensures you can define how ePublisher processes each of these elements, such as styles and variables.

  8. On the File menu, click Save to save your Stationery design project.

Next, you can add all the other output formats you want to include in your Stationery. For more information, see “Checklist: Design, Deploy, and Manage Stationery” on page 111.

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