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Modifying Cells of a Table

Modifying certain aspects of a table cell may also require you to modify the properties associated with the paragraphs that reside in the table cell. For example, if you make a table background color transparent, you may also need to modify the background color of the paragraphs in the table to make those cells transparent.

Cell spacing is used to create a transparent space between cells of a table. This capability allows you to create unique border structures, as the background color of a table can be seen through the space between table cells, which can have a different background color.

To adjust the spacing between cells

  1. Open your Stationery design project.

  2. On the View menu, click Style Designer.

  3. In Table Styles, select the table style you want to modify.

  4. On the Properties tab, click Table.

  5. In the Cell spacing field, specify an appropriate value.

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