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Opening Context-Sensitive Help in WebWorks Help

You can open WebWorks Help from the application using either standard URLs or the WebWorks Help API. For more information about the API, see “Opening Context-Sensitive Help with the WebWorks Help API” on page 221.

Note: If you have WebWorks Help installed on the local computer, Internet Explorer 7 ignores the query string attached to a URL when it reloads a page. For example, after displaying a security warning or other message, Internet Explorer reloads the page. Without the query string, the browser cannot open the specific topic, since the group name and topic alias are not available. To avoid this issue with Internet Explorer 7, you can use the WebWorks Help API to open a topic in locally installed WebWorks Help.

To open the complete WebWorks Help output to the default help topic, open the index.htm or index.html file in the root of the folder where the WebWorks Help is stored. This file defines the help frameset and loads the individual components, such as the table of contents, index, and topic content.

To open a specific topic in WebWorks Help, use the following URL:


The variable parts of this URL are defined as follows:


Specifies the location where the WebWorks Help is installed. If the help is on a Web server, specify the location using the http protocol and the Web site path to the root of the help, such as If the help is installed on the local computer, specify the location using the file protocol and the path to the root of the help, such as file:///C:/Program Files/YourApplication/help.


Specifies the group context value for the top-level group in which the topic resides in Document Manager. This group context is specified in merge settings for each top-level group.


Specifies the value of the TopicAlias marker in the topic to open.

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