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Testing Context-Sensitive HTML Help

The best way to verify that your context-sensitive help topics function correctly is to test the help system with the application that displays the help topics. This testing process ensures the whole implementation works correctly.

However, while developing the help, you can quickly test the topic aliases you have assigned in your source documents to verify that the correct topic is displayed for each topic alias in the help .chm file.

Note: If testing a topic alias works in the .chm file, but not with a help link in the application, the application may be using the wrong topic alias, or the application may have been built with a different mapping file than the help. For example, as topics are added and removed from the help, the mapping number associated with a topic ID can change in a mapping file generated by ePublisher.

To test context-sensitive HTML Help

  1. Open the .hhp file in HTML Help Workshop.

  2. On the Test menu, click HTMLHelp API.

  3. In Compiled file, select the .chm file.

  4. In Command, select HH_HELP_CONTEXT.

  5. In Map number, specify the map number for the associated topic ID from the .h mapping file.

  6. Click Test.

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